The UltraBoard Peel N’ Stick Family | A Comparative Guide

Foam Boards with Adhesive for Mounting Applications

UltraBoard products have always been a familiar substrate within the sign industry. Many digital sign printers are already familiar with our UltraBoard Classic and UltraBoard White Digital Printing (DP) foam boards. Today we would like to take a quick look at our Peel N’ Stick family of foam core boards. UltraBoard Peel N’ Stick foam core boards are primarily used for photographic mounting applications; or buy more cottage-level shops that do not yet have direct-to-substrate print capabilities. Peel N’ Stick foam boards allow for quick and easy cold mounting and lamination of art prints and photos buy using a simple peel away liner and adhesive surface. Users then apply their artwork to the adhesive surface of the board to produce an instantly mounted piece.

Foam Core Boards with Adhesive Facer Materials

Primarily the substrates. Your choice of substrate selection will be relative to the type of use and durability needed for client applications. Let’s take a look at the 3 substrate types for Peel N’ Stick foam boards:


PolystyreneUltraBoard Classic Peel N’ Stick features a foam core with polystyrene facers. Similar to UltraBoard Classic, the plastic facers ensure moisture and warp resistance required for long term applications.

Polyethylene Coated PaperUltraBoard Mount Peel N’ Stick facers feature papers with a Polyethylene coating that provides an excellent moisture barrier that helps prevent warping. Ideal for intermediate term applications, Mount Peel N’ Stick is a bot more cost effective than going with the more premium styrene facers.

Clay Coated Paper– Ideal for the budget conscious, UltraBoard Core Peel N’ Stick clay coated paper facers provide an excellent mounting surface for short-term and budget focused applications; minus the durability commonly found with styrene and ethylene coated papers.

What’s the Best Peel N’ Stick Foam Board Choice?

Start by asking, “How long and how much?”. Your choice of UltraBoard Peel N’ Stick boards will depend on the type & term of a client’s application, as well as their budget. The table below shows each Peel N’ Stick board’s estimated durability and cost level. Click the LEARN MORE link for additional details on each member of the Peel N’ Stick family.


UltraBoard Classic
Peel N’ Stick
Polystyrene Facers
Durability- 10 Years
Price- $$$


UltraBoard Mount
Peel N’ Stick
Polyethylene Coated
Paper Facers
Durability- 7 Years
Price- $$


UltraBoard Core
Peel N’ Stick
Clay Coated
Paper Facers
Durability- 3 Months
Price- $