New! Introducing UltraBoard HD™ – Our most Rigid & 100% Recyclable Polystyrene Faced Foam Board

Introducing UltraBoard HD™ - our most Rigid and Recyclable Board to Date

Familiar with UltraBoard Classic™ for Digital Printing?

Many printers and retail brands are familiar with UltraBoard Classic™, our first and most popular foam board product. Classic™ has been a printing staple now for many years, providing excellent print quality, durability and moisture resistance for mid to long-term retail signage applications. Plus, it’s also proudly a part of our Eco-Positive product line as it is 100% recyclable as well as being made from 30-50% recycled content. So what is UltraBoard HD™ and how is it different from the popular and versatile Classic™?

Meet UltraBoard HD™ – Our most Rigid & Recyclable Board

Our latest foam board, UltraBoard HD™ could be considered the beefier big brother to our original Classic™. HD™ features even thicker polystyrene plastic facers making it our most moisture, warp and impact resistant product to date. Just like Classic™, it’s also 100% recyclable and made from 30-50% recycled content. This makes it a great eco-positive option when compared to our rigid, but non-recyclable PVC faced foam board UltraBoard Plus™.

Similar to Plus™ with a durability rating of 10 years, UltraBoard HD™ will outlive most signage lifespan requirements. It’s a great lightweight alternative to other rigid materials like plywood. This makes HD™ the perfect option for long-term in-store signage applications in high traffic areas; such as in main drive aisles, walkways, departments, cafés, restrooms and check out areas.

UltraBoard HD™ Color & Size Options

HD™ is engineered for high quality digital printing and is available in white, black, w/b/w and w/b/b color options. UltraBoard HD™ can be used for screen print, UV, latex and direct paint applications.

Unlike our Classic™ product, UltraBoard HD™ is offered in sheet thicknesses starting at 1/4”. Additional thicknesses of 1/2“, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2″, 2“ and 3” are also available. Standard board sizes offered are 48” x 96” and 60” x 120”. For bulk production orders, custom sheet sizes are also available.

Thickness Size Color Cutting Compatibility Durability







48” x 96”

60” x 120”

Custom Sizes



White, Black, Black

White, Black, White


Die Cut

Drag Knife



Oscillating Router


Vibe Knife





10 Years

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