UltraBoard Classic Foam Core Sustainability & Recycling

UltraBoard Classic is a completely plastic 100% recyclable foam core board. The material composition is thermoplastic, meaning that it can be melted down and reincorporated into newly extruded polystyrene products. UltraBoard is 100% recoverable via a process of grinding up the foam board and repelletizing it for reuse in the plastic extrusion process.

Our UltraBoard Classic Recycling Program

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our manufacturing facility programs. United Industries provides consolidated recycling returns services to customers wanting to recycle UltraBoard Classic that do not possess the minimum amounts required by large recycling facilities. Simply ship your UltraBoard Classic to us and we will consolidate it into a bulk truckload shipment that will be sent to a recycling facility.

Requirements for UltraBoard Classic Recycling:

  • Foam core boards must be stretch wrapped, banded or bailed and packed on skids
  • Foam core boards may be printed upon, but must not have any other material attached or adhered to it
  • Quantities must be less than minimums required by recycling facilities

If you would like to learn more about the UltraBoard Classic recycling program, please contact us.