The New UltraBoard Barrier X – A Closer Look


Today we’re taking a look at the new UltraBoard Barrier X protective aid and see some of the available configurations that can be created with it for different environments.

Protective Barrier Shields for Public Spaces

The UltraBoard X is an excellent social distancing solution for public spaces as it provides an additional layer in social distancing. Having multiple styles, the Barrier X can quickly address situations where public sneeze and cough shields are needed.


Public meeting areas including restaurants, cafeterias, waiting areas, public buildings and libraries can benefit from a sneeze and cough shield that can subdivide a tabletop area and provide a clear barrier for all seated. The Barrier X is easily assembled and makes small group interactions easier. The barrier surface is completely plastic and allows for re-sanitizing again and again. making the Barrier X ideal for higher traffic public areas like food courts or airports.

Wall Style for Larger Tabletop Barriers

Each Barrier X consists of 2 independent panels that each have their own foot stand. Insert each panel into its own foot stand and create a social distancing tabletop solution for larger tabletop areas such as booths or shared cafeteria and library tables.

Convert to Panels to Corner Barriers for Table Ends or Arm Chair Desks

Barrier X panels can also fold in half to create ninety degree corner barriers that work well for table ends and student arm chair desks with wraparound tops. Corner configurations work well with our Barrier Adhesive Clips.

Learn more about our available barrier solutions by visiting our UltraBoard Barriers page here; or see available purchase options by visiting our photo division merchant site