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Ultraboard Barrier Micro™
Desktop covid-19 barriers for schools and educational environments.

UltraBoard Barrier Micro is an all-plastic corrugated barrier that is ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. Micro barriers are completely sanitizable and available in 2 different sizes with panel fronts measuring 20” x 20” and 23” x 24”.

The Barrier Micro provides an excellent COVID-19 shield between pupils and instructors and also provides a protective and sanitary barrier between classmates. Acting as a cough shield or sneeze guard, the barrier can greatly assist in the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 on college and school campuses; and is an excellent cost alternative to more expensive acrylic barrier solutions.


COVID Barrier Shield Video Introduction

UltraBoard Barrier Micro Single Case Weights & Dimensions

Barrier Front Panel Size  Length  Width  Height  Weight in Lbs.  Case Qty.
 20″ x 20″  12  22  22  30  25
 23″ x 24″  13 25  25  43  25

COVID-19 Barrier Questions

Does a physical barrier help prevent COVID-19 transmission?

Have a look at OSHA’s guide for preparing businesses for COVID-19 as it has recommended that workplaces with medium exposure risk to COVID-19 may install physical barriers or plastic sneeze guards to help aid in the prevention of transmission.

Can I sanitize UltraBoard Barrier COVID Screens?

UltraBoard Barriers are completely constructed of plastic and may be sanitized for ongoing use.

Are these better than COVID-19 barriers made of Plexiglass plastic, or an acrylic barrier?

UltraBoard Barriers are constructed of a lightweight and durable foam core sheet with a clear and rigid plastic window; making them lightweight and much more affordable than expensive Plexiglass or acrylic COVID barriers. Especially for large-scale installation where cost and ease of replacement is a concern.

Do you have COVID shields for desks? Or COVID shields for offices?

Yes! Absolutely! Be sure to check out the UltraBoard Shield Micro for schools and educational institutions. These are also ideal for COVID-19 prevention within offices.

Where can I get COVID-19 Barriers by UltraBoard ?


Ultraboard Barrier Stand™
A safe & simple covid-19 barrier and Social distancing solution with stand.A simple and effective COVID-19 barrier solution, UltraBoard Barrier is a complete social distancing stand featuring frames constructed of warp and moisture resistant UltraBoard Classic with a clear & rigid protective film barrier. UltraBoard Barrier acts as a complete cough shield, sneeze guard and COVID transmission preventative; and is an excellent and more cost-effective alternative to plexiglass barriers.Features

  • Vertical or Horizontal 2.5” Frame Orientations
  • Moisture Resistant Polystyrene Materials
  • Completely Sanitizable
  • Lightweight Yet Rigid & Durable
  • Easily print & apply vinyl graphics to customize

COVID Barrier UltraBoard Barrier or Acrylic Barrier AlternativeAvailable Sizes
24” x 32” | 24” x 48” | 32” x 48”Additional Uses

  • Cough Shield
  • Sneeze Guard
  • Physical Barrier
  • Lightweight & Cost Effective Alternative to Acrylic Barriers
  • Protective Barrier
  • Covid 19 Barrier
  • Sanitary Barriers
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COVID-19-Barrier_Hair_Salon_UltraBoard -Max-Social-Distance-Panel

Ultraboard Barrier Max™
Social distancing COVID-19 barriers for commercial & business use.
Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, UltraBoard Barrier Max offers max-scale barrier solutions for social distancing. Constructed of moisture resistant UltraBoard Classic, Max frames are ideal for long-term commercial installations requiring quality materials that are easily sanitizable.
Each Barrier Max panel includes securing hardware for added convenience in large-scale retail deployments.As a protective barrier manufacturer, UltraBoard can easily deliver large-scale production runs needed for commercial deployment of COVID barrier solutions. UltraBoard Barrier MAX is ideal for:

  • COVID-19 Restaurant Barriers
  • COVID-19 Salon Physical Barriers
  • COVID-19 Hospital Sanitary Barriers
  • COVID-19 School & Student Barriers

Again, the cost savings alone of using a Barrier Max in comparison to plexiglass or acrylic barriers is astounding. Contact us today and see how we can help ensure that your business and employees are kept safe.Each Barrier Includes
2 Grommets, 2 Metal HooksTools & Materials Needed

  • Drill with 3/8” bit for placement of 2 holes.
  • Monofilament, nylon, string or other suspension line
  • Preferred hardware for ceiling attachment


  • Can be hung horizontal or vertical
  • 42” x 72” Panels with a 4“ Wide Frame
  • Optically clear window is 34” x 64”
  • Prepackaged in a convenient case of 6
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Weighs under 7 lbs.

COVID Barrier UltraBoard Barrier MAX or Acrylic Barrier Alternative

Where can I get COVID-19 Barriers by UltraBoard ?

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