COVID-19 Protective Shields – UltraBoard Releases COVID-19 Protective Barriers


The New UltraBoard Barrier™
A COVID-19 ProtectiveBarrier Solution & Acrylic Barrier Alternative

Everyone has COVID protective masks for sale.
But did you know that there are COVID-19 barriers for sale? We have just released our new product called UltraBoard Barrier. Barrier is available in several sizes, and is much more cost-effective solution to pricey COVID-19 protective acrylic shields.

The UltraBoard COVID Barrier solution is one of the best on the market and provides a COVID-19 protective shield that social distances persons with a rigid film window for interaction. Thevprotective screen is extremely rigid and durable and all of the materials used are easily sanitized making them the perfect COVID-19 protective kit for retail stores, schools, salons, gyms and more. Click the button below to learn more about UltraBoard Barrier solutions.

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