Aluminum Foam Sign Letters – An Affordable Interior Signage Solution


What Are Aluminum Foam Sign Letters Made From?

UltraBoard Aluminum provides an excellent substrate for routing foam letters for interior signage including, retail displays, POP displays, tradeshow exhibits and more. UltraBoard aluminum features a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on one side with anodized aluminum and one side with litho-grade high impact polystyrene. The foam and facers are permanently bonded together. Routed foam sign letters can be used unpainted in natural white or black or painted in a standard or custom color with a matte or semi-gloss finish.They can also be laminated with a real metal laminate in brass, aluminum and bronze finishes. UltraBoard Aluminum facers consist of 0.016″ anodized aluminum and are available single or double sided. The black foam core is available in 3/16″, 1/2″, 3/4″,1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ thicknesses.

Why Have Aluminum Foam Letters Instead of All Metal?

The primary reason is cost. The same eclectic feel given by metal lettering is still achieved with aluminum & foam composites. The anodized aluminum facer provides the same look and feel of metal lettering, but are primarily foam; thus keeping the materials costs minimal and affordable.
Weight is the secondary factor when comparing foam sign letters to all metal letters. Mounting surface weight restrictions as well as general safety make aluminum foam an excellent choice for many interior signage applications. UltraBoard Aluminum substrates produce foam sign letters that are extremely lightweight and affix to many project surfaces.

What are the Different Types of Metals Available for Foam Lettering?

As metal letters are available in many different types of materials, UltraBoard Aluminum is available in multiple finish types to achieve the look your projects need. Available in gold and chrome color options, UltraBoard Aluminum also features brushed and polished finishes that are sure to handle most any array of foam letter sign projects.

How Do I Cut Foam Sign Letters?

Cutting or routing foam letters is fairly straightforward. UltraBoard offers a complete aluminum foam board cutting guide that addresses the multiple applications of foam sign letters. UltraBoard Aluminum is easily cut with a router or circular saw.