UltraBoard Styrene™

    High Impact Polystyrene by UltraBoard

    United Industries is excited to announce the addition of UltraBoard Styrene™ Dead White to our innovative high impact polystyrene extrusion line. Our print-grade HIPS production capability not only allows us to provide a fantastic line of polystyrene products, but also enables us to deliver unmatched quality & consistency; as well as improved logistic services to our distribution centers nationwide.

    UltraBoard Styrene™ Polystyrene Sheets Feature:

    • Engineered Exclusively for Print Grade Polystyrene
    • Dedicated Print Market Output for Greater Product Consistency
    • Eliminates Risk of Mis-blended HIPS Inventories
    • Dedicated Line Ensures Color Quality and Whitepoint
    • Color Consistency with HIPS, Classic and Lite Products
    • Distributor-direct Freight Virtually Eliminates LTL Damage
    • Corona Treatment Available
    • Compatible with Latex, UV, Screen Inks
    View Sales Sheet ♻ 100% Recyclable & Contains 30-50% Recycled Content - Learn More View our 'UB Family of Products' Comparison Chart

    MSDS Safety Data Sheet