UltraBoard Styrene

    High Impact Polystyrene by UltraBoard

    United Industries is excited to announce the completed installation of the industry’s latest and most innovative high impact polystyrene extrusion line engineered exclusively for print-grade HIPS production.  Our new production capability not only allows us to provide a fantastic new line of polystyrene products, but also enables us to deliver unmatched quality & consistency; as well as improved logistic services to our distribution centers nationwide.

    UltraBoard Styrene™ Polystyrene Sheets Feature:

    • Engineered Exclusively for Print Grade Polystyrene
    • Dedicated Print Market Output for Greater Product Consistency
    • Eliminates Risk of Mis-blended HIPS Inventories
    • Dedicated Line Ensures Color Quality and Whitepoint
    • Color Consistency with HIPS, Classic and Lite Products
    • Distributor-direct Freight Virtually Eliminates LTL Damage
    • Corona Treatment Available
    • Compatible with Latex, UV, Screen Inks

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