UltraBoard Receives a New Look

What We Are Doing

United Industries is updating the look and feel of the UltraBoard brand as well as rebranding all marketing, packaging and promotional materials.

What’s Going to Be New?

The first item that’s changing is the logo. We have retained the look of the old logo with it’s angled rectangle containing the word ULTRA; and have encompassed the word board into the logotype. An additional tagline area has been added to address the different product lines of UltraBoard and maintain visual consistency between them.
You will also notice that color schemes have been updated. Color changes were applied as there were different product lines that had the same color coding; potentially causing visual confusion between the lines. Now each UltraBoard line features its own exclusive color. We have provided a branding reference chart to clarify color transitions. You may access the cross reference chart by clicking this link.

So the Name Changed?

Yes and no. There were several iterations of our branding ranging from United Industries Ultra, to Ultra Foam Core Board, to Ultra Foam Board, to plain Ultra, to United Industries Ultra Foam- you get the picture.
Ideally for brand purposes, we went with UltraBoard. There was some visual competition occurring between the United Industries logo and the Ultra logos that needed to be addressed. So we incorporated a smaller United Industries header above the new logo to retain the company reference, but lent the main impact to the word UltraBoard; as this is primarily how end users refer to and know of our products throughout the industry.

But isn’t Ultra Board a product by itself?

Yes. Our top selling product is Ultra Board. So how did we address this? We now call it UltraBoard Classic!

Is it Ultra Board, Ultra-Board or UltraBoard?

For multiple reasons, including search engine optimization and brand retention, we will spell the name as UltraBoard (no space). Using the two separate words “ultra”, and “board”, does not work well for web presence or search engines as independently they are both commonly used terms. “UltraBoard”, on the other hand, is a unique term that is not heavily utilized or competed for on the web. Think of e-brands like HubSpot, Trivago or Pinterest. Companies like these that create a unique brand name essentially have a blank and non-competitive slate out on the web when launching and branding their products and services.

When is the rebranding happening?

Very, very soon. The redesign of UltraBoard.com is almost complete and should be ready to go live on November 1st. Once launched, the new site will be the anchor for remaining marketing channels and social media.
You will also be receiving updated pricing sheets containing the new logo branding and color schemes. We have also generated a quick reference sheet that shows the relationship of the new logos to the old; as well as the product descriptions.
Sample kits with updated branding should begin appearing in late November through December; or as stock levels are depleted. The same will apply to sales brochures and packaging identification labels. Below is a brief outline of items that will change:

Short Term Brand Items

The following are items that will be changing soon due to their nature and ease of change:
• Redesign of the UltraBoard.com website
• Our Company Email Footers
• Branded Decal Labels placed on UltraBoard packaging
• LTL Truck Wraps
• Business Cards
• Company Uniforms
• Price Lists
• Sales Brochures
• Email Blasts
• Addition of Social Media Channels:

Long Term Brand Items

The following items will retain the old branding conventions including logos, color schemes, etc.; as there is physical inventory in back stock that will need to be cycled out before newly branded materials are issued:
• Screen printed product packaging
• UltraBoard Sample Kits (as stock depletes)
• Sales Brochures (as stock depletes)