Ultra Core

Ultra Core


Ultra Core

For temporary or light-duty uses, ULTRA CORE is the best choice available. It is both economical and well manufactured to provide you a quality foam-centered art board at an affordable price.

Don't be fooled by Ultra Core's low cost ā€” it delivers many of the exceptional features of the other Ultra products. The panels are rigid and smooth, and are easily cut with a utility knife, razor or die. Ultra Core is ideal for mounting and framing photos and prints, and also works well for screen printing, temporary signs, architectural models, promotional displays and point-of-purchase sales.

Ultra Core Peel N' Stick is also available for quick and simple mounting of photos, prints or computer graphics ā€” excellent for presentation materials.

Ultra Core and Ultra Core Peel N' Stick are made of white 12-pt clay-coated paper liners with a polystyrene foam center.

Ultra Core is 3/16" thick and the standard sheet size is 48" x 96". Ultra Core is available in white and black.

Ultra Core Peel Nā€™ Stick is available in 3/16" thickness in 10 pre-cut sizes from 8" x 10" to 48" x 96".

More Information (ULTRA CORE Technical Guide)