Ultra Board Is Recyclable

ULTRA BOARD is an all plastic 100% recyclable foam centered board. . ULTRA BOARD is a thermoplastic material, which means it can be melted and reused into the manufacture of new extruded polystyrene products. Once the end of life of the original application of ULTRABOARD is reached, the material can be reused. ULTRA BOARD is 100% recoverable by a process of grounding up the foam board and repelletize for use in the extrusion process resulting in very high material utilization. The life of ULTRABOARD can be extended which in turn, minimizes energy spent and the impact on the environment. Recycling has traditionally been seen as the most effective way to protect and preserve the environment.

ULTRA BOARD material must be stretch wrapped, banded or bailed and packed on skids. ULTRA BOARD may be printed, but must not have any other material attached or adhered to it. Material that is less than the minimum quantity required to send direct to the recycler can be sent to United Industries. United Industries will hold the material and ship it in truckload quantities to the recycler.

Contact United Industries. for questions about how to participate in our recycling program. You may also call us at 479-273-2924 or 800-441-3731.